Jumpstart the Economy

Mike is committed to rolling back the disastrous Obama-era regulations like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the War on Coal. Doing this will instantly jump-start small business growth and revitalize manufacturing, which in turn will produce more jobs.

Cut Federal Spending

Mike learned early on that if he didn’t control money, it would control him. One of the biggest threats to our country’s future is the ticking time bomb of debt. Mike will fight to rein in government spending.

Ensure National Security

Securing our border is the first step to ensuring national security. After our border is secure, we need to ensure our border patrol and military have all of the necessary tools and training to protect our citizens.

Mike also believes we must address the growing number of cyber threats by turning our attention towards large-scale network security, supporting advanced network infrastructure, and protecting our power grid against the ever increasing threat of EMP.

Stand Up for Life

Mike is 100% Pro-Life and will always fight to protect the sanctity of life.

Farming and Ranching

Farming and ranching is a unique characteristic to the fabric and culture of our great state. The production and processing segments of the agriculture industry contributes more than 15% of Utah’s gross state output and employs nearly 80,000 Utahns. Unfortunately, farmers and ranchers combat federal overreach and overregulation daily, that ultimately impacts their bottom line.

Confronting the federal regulation and litigation which has led to non-native wild horse and burro overpopulation on our state’s public lands is a priority. The situation has resulted in severe overgrazing and has negatively impacted our states endangered sage grouse and steelhead fish populations.

Unmanaged federal lands resulting from environmental overregulation, coupled with drought conditions has led to damaging wildfires. Such fires regularly destroy natural resources that greatly reduce livestock grazing crucial for Utah ranchers. As recent as 2016 the state of Utah spent over $45 million just combating wildfires instead of taking common sense measures to prevent wildfires before they occur.

Healthcare Solutions

Mike’s experience as a doctor, lawyer, and Utah State Legislator uniquely prepares him to tackle the egregious problems with Obamacare. He routinely fought as a legislator to prevent Obamacare’s implementation in Utah. Mike understands that when we politicize health care, we get whatever the government wants to give to us. As the government continues to expand its reach into our health care system, our citizens will have reduced options in which doctor they want to see and what medicines they can take.

Mike will work hard to put the patient back in the driver’s seat for the kind of health care they get. More transparency on the costs of prescriptions, doctor’s care, and hospital services will allow patients greater ability to control their costs. Investing in Health Savings Accounts will return market forces to a patient-doctor relationship, keeping costs down and maintaining quality. Also, a focus on preventative health care will save lives and prevent expensive illnesses from ever happening.

Defend Second Amendment

Mike Kennedy is a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States and will always stand for our rights. Like most Americans, Mike knows guns don’t aim themselves or pull their own triggers.

Instead of sitting back and allowing the government to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, Mike organized the Utah School Safety Commission to develop real, actionable ideas to keep our children safe in school, while also protecting our freedoms.

Honor Our Veterans

Our veterans deserve our utmost respect and appreciation. Our government made a promise to them, and we need to ensure every veteran in America is cared for properly. We need to improve the services delivered at the VA and increase access veterans have to alternative healthcare systems.

Fix Immigration Process

Mike is committed to working with the president to pass real reforms to fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders, keep our country safe, and honor our commitments to the American people. Mike is a first generation American on his father’s side and believes legal immigration is the lifeblood of our country.


The biggest problem is that our National Monuments have become less about protecting historical and cultural sites and more about political control. It’s time We The People stepped in and restored the balance.

The Antiquities Act needs to be reformed. Mike supported legislation in the state legislature that requests Utah be exempted from the Antiquities Act. State and local government should be the primary drivers on when and how the Antiquities Act is used.


Mike understands the only way to advance education is to take control out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Washington, and put it back in the hands of state and local governments, teachers, and parents. As someone who understands the value of quality education, Mike is committed to giving power and funding back to the states. Mike’s state legislative career demonstrates his commitment to education by voting for increased funding for our classrooms and voting against burdensome bureaucracy on our teachers and schools.